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Certified to ISO-27001

Data Protection

Here at Accurate Data Services our clients’ data is our most precious commodity.  We work tirelessly to ensure that any data we receive (either in transit or at rest) is fully protected at all times. As a business we uphold and often exceed our ISO-27001 certification requirements.  We are seen as best-in-class by many of our clients and have consulted on data protection for other UK based businesses.

Trained Staff

All of our staff are exceedingly well versed in all things data and as a business we have never had any data breach of any sort.

Data Transfers

All of our data transfers utilise the Sharefile online portal based on the Citrix platform.

Secure Server

All data at rest is stored by ADS on a secure Azure server backed-up in another geolocation to the primary site.

A Comprehensive and Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

ADS have a comprehensive and robust Disaster Recovery plan in place should the worst ever happen.  Should a failure occur in the future we can restore from the back-up within approximately 30 minutes and be back up and running.

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