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About Accurate Data Services

Accurate Data Services Limited (ADS) is one of the UK’s leading providers of screening and tracing services.  In 2023 ADS turned 20 years old and over the years we have represented some of the UK’s largest Pensions and Insurance administrators.  Until 2014 ADS was known as Heirtrace and under this guise participated in the ITV daytime programme “Heir Hunters”.

With over 2 decades of knowledge of clients, markets and tracing ADS are perfectly positioned to support our current clients and their scheme members.



Member Mortality Screens


Address Screens


Lost Members Found


Certificates Traced


Verification Letters Sent

Accurate Data Services provides a suite of data tracing solutions

“We have a culture of partnership with our clients and the team will always be as flexible as possible to ensure that our clients receive the very best service.”

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Data Protection

Here at Accurate Data Services, our clients’ data is our most precious commodity.  We work tirelessly to ensure that any data we receive (either in transit or at rest) is fully protected at all times.

As a business, we uphold and often exceed our ISO-27001 certification requirements.  We are seen as best-in-class by many of our clients and have consulted on data protection for other UK-based businesses.


Who We Work With

Accurate Data Services work predominantly in the following markets:


We work with the administrators to enable them to get in touch with potentially lost members.


ADS work with insurers to trace both scheme members and beneficiaries as required.


ADS work with marketeers and mail houses wanting to cleanse their data.


We can assist with estate distribution through the tracing of beneficiaries worldwide.

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